Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Lucky" the Eastern Cottontail Bunny

While mowing the lawn yesterday I heard my son yell "MOM! STOP! BUNNY!",  I immediately let go of the handle to cut the engine- and there 5 feet in front of the mower was the smallest, most teeny tiny 'wittle' bunny I've ever seen. He blended in so well with the grass, that had my son not been outside- yesterday would have been a pretty horrible day. But little "Lucky" had a little angel watching over him. We kept him safe tucked away until the mowing was done, then I was able to find his mother's nest where he had 6 to 7 more brothers and sisters! He hopped off to his mom, and they went to the nest. Now hopefully they stay there until they are big enough to see easily!

This is my daughters hand holding him, he fit so snuggly- and didn't even try to jump away. Seemed to really like all the petting and behind the ear scratching :)

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